Trichoptera of Finland

Trichoptera of Finland is an extensive book about the caddisfly fauna of northeastern Europe. Even though this book is written mainly in Finnish, the non-Finnish readers are guided through by English summaries and figure texts. With over 1500 photos and drawings this book not only brings forth 253 caddisfly species, but offers an introduction to the Finnish aquatic environments.

Book is covering all species from Sweden and Norway and also 80% of species in UK.


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Authorst: Juha Salokannel & Keijo Mattila
Publisher: TIBIALE Insect Equipment ltd
ISBN: 978-952-68504-1-2
Pages: 448
Size: B5 (170x244mm)
Colors: 4 colors
Format: hard covers
Date: 21.4.2018. 1. print
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